What is The Running  Group ???   We run, we eat breakfast - we have run marathons in under 3 hours and in over 5 hours, on long runs we don't run fast, we are (runner) friendly, we run as little as 30 minutes or as long as 3 hours each saturday morning but we always eat breakfast. We love to run by the ocean. Our goal is to have friends to run with at any pace. Everyone is welcome !!!   On average we have about 20-30 people out each saturday. We have about 5 favorite locations that we run from......the lagoon, la jolla cove, torrey pines, balboa park & pen. canyon.......we also venture out to another 10 locations during the year.

Pace   Anything from walking pace to 6 min pace.  The front of the pack is sometimes lead by a couple of sub 2:30 marathon runners, but most of the pack runs from 8:00 to 10:00 minute pace. Whatever the pace, we all stay together for the first 2 miles of the run. You will never run alone or be left behind !!!!

History of The Running Group  In
1995, a group of us had finished our fund raising for the Leukemia Society Team In Training program and done our first marathon. We all loved the Team In Training program but felt that we that there was not any room left for us in their training program since we were no longer raising money.  So we ventured out and started our own saturday morning long run group. The original twelve runners were Michel Napolitano, Marilee Foley, Henry Brown III, Peter Abbott, Tony Vargas,  Pony Walker, Kelly Thornton, Annie Featherman Fraser, Tracey Dimino, Cliff Griifin, Sara Muller and Greg. Now 7 years later, 6 of the 12 have got married (3 were already married) and 4 have had babies but they all still come to the runs. In 1997, we started to create an e-mail broadcast that now goes out each week to 450 runners and some non-runners in San Diego.

Who organizes The Running Group
Greg writes the weekly e-mail and organizes the group. He started running at age 33 and has become a dedicated middle of the pack runner.  In the last 10 years, he has finished 38 marathons (including 8 New York, 4 Rock N Roll, 1 London, 1 Budapest and  qualified for 4 Boston Marathons), 11 ultramarathons and just 2 Ironman Triathlon event.  In 1999 he finished the 56 mile South Africa Comrades marathon in 9 1/2 hours and  finished Ironman Canada 2 months later in the summer in 15:54. In 2000, he qualified for and started the Western States 100 mile endurance race but missed a cut-off time at 34 miles by just 3 minutes.

Weekly Schedule
Tuesday -  Run at 6th & Laurel in Balboa Park - 5:30 pm
Thursday - Run at 6th & Laurel in
Balboa Park - 5:30 pm
Saturday - Long Run at various locations

Favorite Saturday (after-run) Breakfasts
The Huddle - Mission Hills
The Mission "Coffee Cup" on Wall Street - La Jolla Cove
Ki's - Cardiff by the Sea
Mr T's - Solana Beach
Pipes - Solana Beach
Le Peep - UTC
Tomates - Bonita
Cody's - La Jolla Cove
Bay Beach Cafe - Coronado
Bruggels Bagels - Pacific Beach

Hosted Saturday Runs About once a month we start the saturday run at the home of one of the group in the San Diego Area.  After the run, we have an informal brunch at that home

Our Privacy Policy
  We have a privacy policy that says "We don't give the group e-mail list to third parties" - so this is why you shouldn't see any names in the header to this email. There's also a practical common sense policy  that says "We don't give the group lists as a package even to members" because these e-mail addresses change often -- usually 10 - 20 a month on average, and if you had the group list, you'd be getting enough "undeliverable" notices to drive you scatty....